Selected Publications, Projects & Other Works

challenging menstrual norms in online medical advice: deconstructing stigma through entangled art practice

Follow the link to read my article on menstrual normativity and menstrual art, published in Feminist Encounters: A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics special issue, Feminist Encounters with the Medical Humanities, edited by Jana Funke and Sherri L. Foster.

periodical exhibition

Periodical, curated by Bee Hughes, presented period stigma smashing and celebratory artworks in the Atrium Gallery at Liverpool School of Art & Design. It featured menstrual artworks by Bee Hughes, Poloumi Basu, Amanda Atkinson, Sasha Spyrou and Chella Quint, displays from the Dignity without Danger project, and material from the Femorabilia Collection, Liverpool John Moores University’s Special Collections and Archives.

The exhibition also hosted a period pack packing party with Period Project Merseyside, and an afternoon of period craft activities.

Menstrual art: why everyone should
go and see it

Article written for The Conversation with Kay Standing.


Bee has kept a blog since 2011 which documents her evolving artistic practice. The blog contains an archive of older works, exhibitions, and works in progress, and is updated semi-regularly.

menstruation in visual culture

This short essay was written to accompany Periodical and contains a very brief introduction to some of the visual cultural history of menstruation.

How cultural attitudes to menstruation have finally started to shift

Blog post for the British Academy written with Dr Kay Standing.

menstruation research network

Follow the link to visit the Menstruation Research Network website, a newly launched UK-based network for researchers studying menstruation.

Video: ‘Re-framing Menstrual Art’ presentation

Watch Bee’s short lecture, ‘Re-framing Menstrual Art’, presented at the Critical Perspectives on Menstruation conference hosted by Menstruation Research Network at the University of St Andrews on 31 May 2019.

audio: Performing Periods: Challenging Menstrual Normativity Through Art Practice

Listen to Bee’s presentation at the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research (SMCR) bi-annual conference ‘Traversing the Ridge: Connecting Menstrual Research and Advocacy’ at Colorado College, 7th June 2019.

Bee presented on the panel ‘Arts-Based Menstrual Practices’ alongside:

David Linton, ’Singing the Menstrual Blues’
Emily Graves, ‘Page to Stage: Translating, and Re-translating the Show, ‘You Menstrual Me’’
Inga T. Winkler & Chris Bobel, ‘Myth-Busting, Modernity, and Saviorism in Representations of Menstrual Beliefs and Practices in the Popular Media’