Bee Hughes is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher exploring with embodied experiences of menstruation through performative works which draw upon everyday rituals and routine and the feminist tradition of self-examination. Her works in poetry and sound art explore repetition and menstrual normativity encountered through online medical advice, considering how these frequently visited sites of medical authority now form part of the everyday experience of menstruation.

Bee has presented her research and exhibited in the UK and internationally, and is in the final year of her interdisciplinary practice-led PhD ‘Performing Periods: Challenging Menstrual Normativity through Art Practice’ at Liverpool John Moores University. She has published on a number of topics, including criticality in illustration, the visual culture of Dracula (Stoker, 1897), and most recently menstrual normativity and menstrual art. Bee’s curatorial work includes collaborative works with Eva Petersen, such as Comfort Zones (2017), CoLab (2018) at Liverpool School of Art & Design, and Periodical (2018), an exhibition of menstrual art and UK menstrual product advertising as part of Being Human festival of the humanities.

Bee is a recipient of a Doctoral Fees Bursary from the School of Humanities & Social Sciences at LJMU, and has been granted a number of funding awards to support her research, including the 2012 Susan Cotton Travel Award. She has worked as a lecturer since 2012, teaching in a number of subject areas at undergraduate and postgraduate level including: Graphic Design & Illustration, Fine Art, History of Art & Museum Studies, Contemporary Art History & Theory and Media and Cultural Studies.

Bee is available for commissions, consultation and speaking engagements - please use the contact form for all enquiries.

Bee Hughes